Giorgio Ambrosino

General Manager

MemEx Italy


Giorgio Ambrosino – ITS, transport and mobility specialist – is the Director of MemEx, an independent engineering consultancy company specialised in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Urban Public Transport, Sustainable Mobility, City Logistics and Smart City. For over 30 years Giorgio has been working with a large number of European Regional and  Local Authorities and Transport Executives, supporting them in the planning, design, implementation, operation and evaluation of large projects like, among the others:  Real Time Passenger Information Systems, Bus fleet control and monitoring, Integrated Ticketing system,  Demand Responsive Transport services, Ride sharing agency. As technical coordinator, Giorgio has participated in several European projects funded by R&D programmes and Regional Cooperation Initiatives.  Currently is responsible for the technological issues of the Project “DESTINATIONS” founded by the European  CIVITAS Initiative.  Giorgio is author of numerous technical papers and co-editor of different books, he is invited speaker in workshops and conferences and lecturer on ITS and Public Transport issues in several Post Graduate and University courses in European and non-European Countries.

Synopsis – Real Time Passenger Information Systems: Solutions, benefits and practices

Different real time info channels and devices (from  innovative LED screens to mobile and web) can be  used  for increasing the quality of  Public Transport services and  to enhance the benefits for the bus passengers. The practice shows that RTPI is the  key system for BUS company in integrating the other services (firstly the ticketing) but also for providing data to the emerging MaaS concept. In this context:

  • Bus company need to understand the investment costs but also the related organization impacts
  • Low entry solutions could be desirable for the different PT service and bus company typologies
  • Which level of operation procedures  is  needed  for guaranteeing the  reliability  of real time  data provided
  • Which contribution the RTPI could provide at level of service quality assessment and contract obligations

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