David Yorke

New Technology, Training and Projects Manager

Tower Transit Operations Limited





A Chartered Engineer and qualified to Master Degree level in both Hydrogen Safety Engineering and Electronics, David Yorke has worked introducing and operating zero and low emission buses for the last eight years.  These include hydrogen fuel cell buses under the CHiC and 3Emotion projects and virtual electric buses as part of the ZeEUS project.

David has been involved in the preparation of the projects, helping to oversee the manufacture of the buses, the construction of workshops and fuelling infrastructures.  Working in close collaboration with Transport for London (TfL) and other stakeholders in the ventures, David project manages the daily operation of the buses.  He has become a respected authority in the operation of hydrogen fuel cell buses and other zero emission buses.

Before his current employment at Tower Transit, David has worked in industry on new product introduction and quality.  He has extensive experience of low production, high technology, manufacturing.

Issues, what Issues? – An operator view on zero / low emission buses
With the determination to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gases, buses are leading the way in the transport sector.  Such large-scale introduction of new ways to propel buses is bound to have issues, or is it?  With Tower Transit having vast experience of introducing zero and low emission buses, including hydrogen fuel cell, electric and diesel hybrid, this presentation will give a brief comparison of low and zero emission technologies available including an evaluation of costs.  Consideration will be given to the lessons learnt when introducing zero or low emission buses in to the fleet.  Is the road to integrating zero or low emission buses in to the fleet smooth or are there unexpected bumps along the way?